Saturday, November 23, 2013

Between Events

"Between Events" oil on 18x24 inch canvas

This is a painting from a photo I took in summer at Palgrave, There are a lot more people and horses in the photo, but I wanted to simplify to create a peaceful feeling.

This painting has been quite a challenge, and I've had doubts about it a few times, earlier the horses were a lot lighter showing their lovely orangey brown hair, but that didn't work overall, the trees didn't fit, so I repainted the horses darker.

Whether it is finished depends on how I can live with it over the next few days.

Every painting is a lesson!



  1. That is quite a challenge there John! I think it is a very peaceful painting and I especially love the blue grey shadows on the ground. The horses are all good but I am not sure about the one without a rider.

  2. Thanks Shirley! Re the hidden horse. it has a saddle on and that make the back to look over-sloped, I will have to make the saddle more visible.
    The girl on the adjacent horse is holding his reign.

  3. "click on like"... I like this one, its all about the composition.