Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Ty" a family dog

"Ty" oil on 11x14 board
Wendy of Onice Farms wrote:
"This is his end of the day look. Ty is an energetic Border Collie who loves life. I have had dogs my whole life and can honestly say he is the best dog I have ever owned. His loyal character and friendly personality make him very special. I look forward to coming home from work everyday because I know he will be waiting for me. He gets down on the ground and gives me the look you see in the photo. I think he's saying "What took you so long" To have a dog like Ty is the best feeling in the world. My heart melts when I'm away from him for to long. He will be 2 on Feb 8 2014. He is considered to be our Family dog but I think it's quite obvious who he loves the most ( Me.... The one who feeds him)   Good luck with your painting and thanks for doing this     Wendy"

A painting of a well loved young Border Collie "Ty". hope you like it Wendy?!



  1. just a GREAT painting. I love border collies and you have shown their great intelligence in this super painting.

  2. Oh, he is beautiful and you did a beautiful job. We used to have Border Collies when we had sheep. They are indeed special. I love the look that you have captured so well.