Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Tildra II & Katina"

"Tildra II & Katina" oil on 16x20 board

The Onice  Horse Farm captured our hearts.The ponies have Icelandic names, Tildra II & Katina

We had arrived early and these two were in a little hut looking out on the activity, some ponies going into the fields. It was the first picture I took that day Katina was intrigued looking at me a little on the sly side while I tried to take my shot Tildra II was interested in watching the comings and goings for the set up of the open house.

These horses are a treat to get to know cute as buttons, full of life and action, they can carry a full grown person for a good ride, mainly because their backs are shorter than the standard horse they are sturdy and can take winters very well with thick heavy coats the snow doesn't penetrate into the skin. amazingly their life is average 40 years!

They will be at the Royal Ag Show  in Toronto the next few days.At the moment the family are showing off their Icelandic breed and no doubt giving the public a good time watching the ponies showing off all they can do.
 A real Joy to paint!


  1. A neat painting and yes I can see they are different than the horses you usually paint. Not quite so glamorous but they d look full of character.

  2. Onice Horse farm commented on Facebook:
    Wow! Extremely impressed and at the same time humbled by your thoughts, kind words, support, and beautiful paintings. I truly can't believe how many nice people we have met through our passion with the Icelandic Horse. Seeing u at our open house stable tour was a perfect beginning to our new friendship. I hope to see u soon again. Brian.

  3. They are beautiful, aren't they? Wonderful painting here!
    Hope your weekend is a joyous one.