Monday, February 18, 2013

"Jazz" the Horse

"Jazz" oil on 11x14 board
Jazz  was a surprise gift for Katie at Christmas, I would love to have seen her face when she set eyes on him for the first time. She is a lovely young lady almost all grown up like her sister Emma totally nuts about horses. 

John, their Grandfather, likes horses and has taken many photo's over the years and painted some too. He does however prefers to keep a safe distance just not sure about his comfort level. A couple of Year's ago we visited a local farm near by, who have a couple of work horses in a field. So I decided to take some carrots to them for a treat, horses are pretty savvy when it comes to food and they soon ambled towards us. While I gave them a carrot for John to take a photo the other horse decided to get behind John and give him a gentle nudge with his head as he was a bit impatient wanting John to give him a treat too.
"Dobbin" the nudger!
oil on 8x10 board

It was priceless when John realized what was happening. Wish I had the camera at the
time it would have made a good shot, his face just said it all! of course the horse did get
his treat in the end and even a pet from John.



  1. Your horse paintings are excellent. I bet the granddaughters were thrilled to have them and I bet they keep them forever.

  2. Estas pinturas al oleo de caballos son magnificas, toda mi admiración, los ojos del ratón increíbles, pero que pasó con la acuarela?, seria una interesante aventura hacer algún animal con esa técnica

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