Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Ready for the Storm"

"Ready for the Storm" oil on 8x10 board
John took the original photo of this, it was a lovely Autumn day with a storm on the way, the clouds were incredible colours all intermixed with white purple blue, in the fore ground the two horses ambled up the hill and it made a beautiful picture with highlights on the animals. 

I hope I have managed to do this little painting justice it makes you look at the sky more often.

Even in the winter it can amaze you how colours can change and cloud patterns can be so interesting.



  1. I really like this painting and I am also sure the photo as great. I love seeing the clouds mainly because the only artistic clouds we get here are in the winter at sunset. Mostly just little white fluffies.
    You aced the horses !!

  2. The clouds are beautiful, but what I truly like is the wonderful motion that you have captured.
    Hope spring is coming your way soon. Much love, E.