Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Pumpkin" and a Happy Tail

"Pumpkin" Pencil pastel

I have used pastel pencil once sometime ago which I quite enjoyed, it is a good idea to introduce another medium for me as I am very keen on oils and make excuses not to change what I had become accustomed to.

Yesterday on Facebook North Halton Kitten rescue showed a little cat who had been adopted her name was Aphrodite, she was lucky and someone adopted her they renamed Pumpkin she has beautiful eyes and certainly looked friendly.

I think she will have a happy life.

I decided to try the pastel pencils and worked on a picture of her, I enjoyed the time I spent learning to use pastel It's very different, this picture is a learning experience so I decided to make Pumpkin famous for a little longer and have her back on Facebook with my effort.



  1. I like this very much . Again you have captured the eyes wonderfully well. i haven't used pastel pencils only oil pastels which are very messy and hard not to smudge. I didn't know anything about pastel pencils.

  2. Hi Shirley, Wow that was quick I was amazed you found it so quickly!
    I have oil pastels too but so far unused. Will have to find out how to use them.
    I liked the story of Pumpkin being a happy story for a change. thanks for your
    comment Babs

  3. Hooray for Pumpkin and the happy ending. You have captured him beautifully.