Friday, March 8, 2013

Magnolias and Me

"Magnolia" oil on 8x10 board
I love the scent the lovely shiny leaves and the thick petals of a Magnolia, I have  often had them given to me as a gift. A few years ago I asked John to take a photo of a flower that did particularly well before it faded, unfortunate I am not a good keeper of indoor plants they tend not to last to long in my care. I have a tendency to not water or water too much to catch up, any plant I give it a feed of  Epsom salts or even a little sugar to help with my clumsy gardening ideas.
I think I could destroy an Aspidistra quite easily, not by choice but perhaps over attention.

So I decided to paint one, just to show I really do love flowers of any sort but they will stay with an owner who knows what they are doing and take a picture to enjoy it that way.
The painting was harder than I thought, white picks up light and shadow so I squinted a lot with this painting and found a pinkish hue and deep lavender colours in the petals, as always I could have gone darker but decided to leave it alone before I messed it up completely  being a close up >the background is more like an abstract I think it works though.

Symbolism of a Magnolia. Divine beauty, life force, and perfection



  1. I think they are lovely flowers too but would I dare to paint one , I don't think so. I do't paint flowers well at all. Yours is lovely and white as well. So difficult to paint.

  2. Me gustan tus obras con oleo, sobretodo los retratos de animales, y esa pareja bajo la lluvia, y en esta magnolia el contraste con el fondo es muy interesante