Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pit Bull Commission

"Pit bull" oil on 8x10 board

This lass was a rescue who had a bit of a bad time, until her happy day of finding a special person who loved her very much.

The dog became a very kind,gentle pet. Unfortunately she died about three months ago and is very sadly missed. It's good to know she had some time loved and cared for before the end.

Pit bulls are sadly maligned and thought of as savage through no fault of their own. All pets no matter what breed need love and attention and give back 100% back to their owner. Some get lucky and dogs lovers are grateful having rescued a pet turning out to be a faithful companion.

O K Pit bulls aren't exactly pretty it's what's inside that counts!

Thanks to all the Rescue agencies who give their time to and energy to help abandoned creatures a donation will be sent to help to one of them.

This painting was a bit of a challenge, a white dog with wide spaced eyes that must have had the photo taken in a darkened room although I could see unusual colours coming from her coat probably from the flash of the photo.


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  1. Good Painting. You are so right about this breed. They have sad eyes . I think they know they are very much misunderstood. I also thank all the rescue people that go out of their way to rescue them from bad situations.