Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Which came First....?

"Which came first..." oil on 8x10 board
At last we are getting close to warmer weather, even so we still have patches of snow,but, noticed activity in our garden and birds feeding more. that's if the greedy squirrels would give them half a chance!

I can't believe Easter is this weekend it's early this year, let's hope the temperature will be warmer to celebrate Spring and lighter days maybe start thinking about gardening and a tidy up, needed urgently.

To get into the Spring mood I decided to try my hand at painting a baby chick and an egg. It took a while to get the egg looking like an egg and the baby chick was a little tricky getting him to look fluffy !

One thing about it when you paint something you haven't done before it is a bit of a challenge, but, I enjoyed it using a comb brush and flicking it loaded with plenty of paint, which seemed to do the trick for fluffiness .
The baby chick does look a bit confused that's why I called it "which came first" !!

One of Mum's sayings when we were very young:
"Spring has sprung, the bee's have riz I wonder where the Birdies is?" 


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