Saturday, March 23, 2013

Millie the Orchard Keeper.

"Millie" oil on 6x6 board

Pine farm Orchard and Millie the grounds keeper.

She was 14 years old Millie was a feature of the local apple orchard, she would make her way down the hill where she lived and be looking forward to seeing us Apple pickers drive in for the weekly treat picking or popping in for tea and buying a bag of apples already for us to take home.

As we got out of the car she would toddle towards us for a pat and leave to greet the next car coming in to do the same, she loved to lie in the sun close by to watch people and enjoy her day.

She passed away last week leaving a saddened family and many patrons like us who will miss her greeting and funny little walk.

She did her job so well!

Pine Farm Orchard in Spring By John Bradbury oil on 16x20 canvas
I painted a picture of Millie around Thanksgiving, amongst the pumpkins she fit in well with the colour at the time. So this little canvas will be going to the owners of a well loved pet for happy memories of her time with Pine Farm Orchard.

Thanks Millie for your company!

Pine Farm Orchard

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