Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bullies in Need

These two puppies need help!
We are in touch with Bullies in need and today we were able to send a donation for two little puppies in need of help and quickly.
It seems there was an incident in, Pembroke it was such a frightening and unbelievable event We thought it was worth reporting.

Too often we hear of dogs having aggressive tendencies and it's usually accepted without a second thought Oh it's one of those Bull dogs they're aggressive and obviously have be to dealt with immediately put down!

Although not all the details have not been released we are still wondering what happened to create the situation to find an owner of a female dog so aggressive he took bites out of the animal which injured her, luckily someone saw what was happening and managed to report it to the police .

As it happened the dog had two puppies which were rescued,and in an emergency foster home according to "Bullies in Need" "They are 10 weeks old, and will need to be fully vetted before they can be adopted to forever homes outside of Ontario. They need vaccines, neuters, and "puppy stuff".

The Mum is being attended to and will probably survive.

At the moment Bullies in Need are in need of donations in a hurry to help the little ones. $800 needed for vet fees any HELP out there would be very much appreciated every little helps.
OK they're Bullies but it makes you think about owners too. ??

For more info check out Streets Puppies

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  1. So sad and it is happening all over the place. Just this week , 80 purebred maltese dogs and pups were just dumped on a country road near here followed by next day another 30 or so King Charles spaniels. All in bad condition, scared and obviously the result of puppy mills and the new enforcement laws going into place.