Thursday, October 4, 2012

Helping Animal Rescue

I hope you like our new blog, we enjoy working on it. It feels we have brought all we do together as our individual paintings go on our blog and we are hoping to get some interesting comments along the way.

My passion is for painting dogs.or any animals that need help, so many dogs are looking for homes and here are two I recently painted, one got lucky.

Mickey a little Yorkie. has found a loving home and looks happy, he was adopted from

Frenchie looks so worried, a Bullie who has to find a home outside of Ontario.
He is with

How can you resist these little beings who just need a loving home?

I donate a percentage of my painting sales to Animal Rescue.

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  1. I can understand how the yorkie got adopted. One yorkie will bring in 10 applications in one day. Poor pits they are lucky if they survive coming out of the shelter and most are very lovable dogs.
    Your paintings are lovely.