Monday, October 8, 2012

Living in the 21st Century

Flickr Photo by CitroenAZU
Thinking out loud and realizing that the fast track is the place where everything happens at once and I am running behind trying to catch up.

I am grateful for all the technology coming into our lives but there are some things that seem to be changing that I'm not so keen on.

I am fortunate enough to have grandchildren who are more than computer savvy, they Tweet and Skype keep their fingers busy on the I phone. Granted a very useful tool but continuous connection makes me wonder if they ever see, hear or feel  much about life.

I am quite aware that they find me difficult to understand. They always look at me as though I am from Venus! When I mention anything about keeping a daily journal  to them it's a waste of time and the painting we do is considered a bit on the queer side of life!

Have Fun! painting by Norman Rockwell
The idea of art or writing by hand is foreign to them. "U R" texting to keep in touch , spelling is taboo short form is THE way to go. I am accused of sending a message they consider a composition, If I text them at all.the short form words is quite an art in itself.

So kids that is my rant for the day keep the I pads/pods etc going but look out from that and SEE life around you too, feel your fingers on a pen or brush, it might surprise you. Use your imagination you have a lot on the right side of your brain not being used! GO FOR IT it's good for you!



  1. True , true , true. However I couldn't do without the new technologies as well and I can see how they get engrossed with them. Eventually the pendulum will swing back and the old will become different again and they will enjoy it. At least that is MHO.

  2. I agree! It's not only the young kids, but adults as well.
    I love using my computer and it has opened up so much for me. I have a cell phone, but my texting is non existent. I use it to find my husband when he is way out in the nursery.