Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Studies in loose strokes

Study from original by Bryce Cameron Liston
I have many difficulties in painting the first I tend not to get values correctly, whether that's a function of my brain or eyesight I'm not sure. My work tends to lean toward reality,but, I admire many artists that can work with very strong strokes even if it's still life or portraits the ability of confidence and concentration to stroke on one line of colour intermixed and not muddy up your work is a miracle.
I consider what I do is always a work in progress not having the luxury of being taught by a pro., but I have a guide in my head that does talk sometimes a lot!
John has had the opportunity to have been to a few classes so knows all about the taboos his work is looser and he achieves and enjoys perspective uses measuring devises due to have been a draftsman in engineering so he gets the right proportions. So I am fortunate to have him tell me when I am too light with values or perspectives are not correct.

I have over the last year painted almost every day, mostly dogs for rescue a few horses a goat and a cow with a calf. I have worked on still life too inspired by Carol Marine who does incredible work  and makes  painting wet on wet look a breeze .

Everyone that has a creative side for arts and crafts knows it is a consistent practice towards perfection, good days when the Art Fairy sits on your shoulder and in a good zone you feel at last you "GOT IT" only to find when you leave the area and go back later some elf has definitely worked in some mischief and you crumble. Luckily we found Robert Genn who has the ability to be kind enough to goad us poor mortal right brainer's not to give up. He helps keep you motivated.

So the last couple of days I went out on a limb and did a brightly coloured study of young women. Lots of fun and lots of anguish. I have decided to put this on the blog with a great deal of angst! any helpers out there
who know the how toos I would appreciate a word or two.



  1. I don't think that you should feel the least bit intimidated here. These are wonderful.
    (Love seeing Cleo's face come up here.) Her gorgeous portrait is on the other side of the fireplace..across from Alice's. Every time I see it, which is many times during the day, I think of you and that makes me very happy.
    Are/were you safe from the storm? I do hope so.

  2. These are both wonderful!! My advice would be... More. More!