Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Couple of Drips in an Old House

The big Reveal!

Well it has been a couple of weeks of  little problems turning into a bit bigger than we expected, and with Sandy the big storm on the way we realized things should get fixed quickly.

We live in a lovely old house built in the 1860's but with old age comes problems the most recent being a drip of water coming into our Parlour which we couldn't understand. The rain over the last few days had increased the problem so it was serious enough to get it fixed quickly  before the drop became a flow.

It was traced eventually to the water flowing  between the wall and plaster board in our bedroom, so  John had to work at removing a lot of drywall and insulating material so that the cause of the drip could be found.
This meant us sleeping  in the spare bedroom, which is probably more comfortable than our own room!

Eventually an expert came and after climbing up ladders and prowling over the roof, the solution was found: get the roof re-tiled!

Now we are waiting for the roofer to work out a quote and assess if it is feasible to do the job at this time of the year, if not we will have to keep the bucket in the bedroom and carry on sleeping in the spare room.

Barn Owl Oil on board 8x10
Luckily the huge Storm has past and we were very lucky to escape with a lot of rain and high winds but no damage.

It's amazing how something out of nowhere can really stop you from functioning normally and totally freezing your creative mind!

A little creativity did get done though Babs just finished painting this delightful little barn Owl.

Babs & John

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  1. Oh I hope you get it fixed before anymore heavy rains.
    Love the painting of the owl. Just love owls.Must paint one soon,Gardening still going strong in Texas