Saturday, November 10, 2012

In the Style of the Old Masters

8x10 Oil on board
In spite of all the chaos in the house with the leaking roof, I managed to get some painting done,
We found a blog for Artist'Paint and Draw together' which encourages beginners and artists to get together and help each other. Each month a picture is displayed which you can use any medium the time frame is
just right even if you have a busy life you can manage to work at it without rushing.

This month is a part of an old master painting containing apple, cherries a bowl and silver vase. At first it looked a bit daunting but, once you start the process you understand more about soft edges, tones and colours. It's a good teaching tool as well. We are looking forward to getting to know others through this blog and learn to critique and enjoy others work too



  1. very old mastery looking!! Sounds like an interesting group to join. A bit easier than painting every day !!

  2. So beautiful. I cannot imagine being able to do this.