Friday, November 16, 2012

Dew Drops on Roses

Dew Drops on a Rose oil on board 8x10
Barn Owl, oil on board 8x8

I have deviated somewhat from painting dogs,but, the experience was a change to paint some still life. I am enjoying the change in colours and working on this lovely rose with dew drops has been a challenge, concentrating on petals with soft curves and varying light and shade, dew drops were difficult but interesting lots of practice coming up with that one!

The owl was fun, I liked the way he looked from behind the hay..

One thing about painting small boards you have the ability to try many subjects which for me is good to stretch imagination and improve technique, it's all an interesting way to practice something that means a lot to me personally I guess that is all part of creativity it keeps you on your toes and good for the brain too.

I won't forget the puppies though, they are part of my passion and to help in a small way.


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  1. Lovely painting. I do like the DPW challenges and a few others which I paint whentime permits. Hope your day is good.