Monday, October 1, 2012

Falling for Autumn

"Muskoka" by John  2007
I think artists have always found Fall to be very inspirational, and we are just the same!There is so much contrasting colours in the leaves, whether they are on the tree or scattered on the ground. Then get these glorious colours by the side of a lake and you are seeing heaven.
Here are paintings we have done over the years:
"The Strret where we live" by John 2011
"Schomberg Mill" by Babs 2007
This field is now full of houses!
"Main Street Schomberg" by John 2012
"Vermont" by John 2007
"Northern River" by John 1974

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  1. You are right of course , Autumn is a time of good colors which makes you want to paint. These are all lovely paintings.