Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Studies in loose strokes

Study from original by Bryce Cameron Liston
I have many difficulties in painting the first I tend not to get values correctly, whether that's a function of my brain or eyesight I'm not sure. My work tends to lean toward reality,but, I admire many artists that can work with very strong strokes even if it's still life or portraits the ability of confidence and concentration to stroke on one line of colour intermixed and not muddy up your work is a miracle.
I consider what I do is always a work in progress not having the luxury of being taught by a pro., but I have a guide in my head that does talk sometimes a lot!
John has had the opportunity to have been to a few classes so knows all about the taboos his work is looser and he achieves and enjoys perspective uses measuring devises due to have been a draftsman in engineering so he gets the right proportions. So I am fortunate to have him tell me when I am too light with values or perspectives are not correct.

I have over the last year painted almost every day, mostly dogs for rescue a few horses a goat and a cow with a calf. I have worked on still life too inspired by Carol Marine who does incredible work  and makes  painting wet on wet look a breeze .

Everyone that has a creative side for arts and crafts knows it is a consistent practice towards perfection, good days when the Art Fairy sits on your shoulder and in a good zone you feel at last you "GOT IT" only to find when you leave the area and go back later some elf has definitely worked in some mischief and you crumble. Luckily we found Robert Genn who has the ability to be kind enough to goad us poor mortal right brainer's not to give up. He helps keep you motivated.

So the last couple of days I went out on a limb and did a brightly coloured study of young women. Lots of fun and lots of anguish. I have decided to put this on the blog with a great deal of angst! any helpers out there
who know the how toos I would appreciate a word or two.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

September on Main Street

September on main Street 18x24 Oil on canvas
Brick and leaves, what a combination!Fun to paint from a photo I took in mid September. This is a lovely old house that has been renovated in the last few years and the reno was done with great respect to the original.

Now all the leaves are on the grass but the house still looks strong and ready for  Winter, I do too!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Bull!

"A Little Bull" 8x10 oil on Board
This is from a photo by a friend of ours, Erika Longman, who works at Everdale farm in Erin.
The farm has a Lovely Facebook page where they state   "Everdale is a teaching farm that provides hands-on, solution-based food and farming education to build and engage healthy local communities."

Erika tells us:  The Farm is about how people are so disconnected from agriculture and Everdale is working hard to fix that, in a variety of ways, through the programs they offer."

Painting this Scottish Island bull was quite a challenge because of his beautiful coat, but I think I go there!

The farm is just starting their Fall Fund Raising Campaign and I am donating this painting for the auction.
So if you would like it keep an eye on the website:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bullies in Need

These two puppies need help!
We are in touch with Bullies in need and today we were able to send a donation for two little puppies in need of help and quickly.
It seems there was an incident in, Pembroke it was such a frightening and unbelievable event We thought it was worth reporting.

Too often we hear of dogs having aggressive tendencies and it's usually accepted without a second thought Oh it's one of those Bull dogs they're aggressive and obviously have be to dealt with immediately put down!

Although not all the details have not been released we are still wondering what happened to create the situation to find an owner of a female dog so aggressive he took bites out of the animal which injured her, luckily someone saw what was happening and managed to report it to the police .

As it happened the dog had two puppies which were rescued,and in an emergency foster home according to "Bullies in Need" "They are 10 weeks old, and will need to be fully vetted before they can be adopted to forever homes outside of Ontario. They need vaccines, neuters, and "puppy stuff".

The Mum is being attended to and will probably survive.

At the moment Bullies in Need are in need of donations in a hurry to help the little ones. $800 needed for vet fees any HELP out there would be very much appreciated every little helps.
OK they're Bullies but it makes you think about owners too. ??

For more info check out Streets Puppies

Monday, October 8, 2012

Living in the 21st Century

Flickr Photo by CitroenAZU
Thinking out loud and realizing that the fast track is the place where everything happens at once and I am running behind trying to catch up.

I am grateful for all the technology coming into our lives but there are some things that seem to be changing that I'm not so keen on.

I am fortunate enough to have grandchildren who are more than computer savvy, they Tweet and Skype keep their fingers busy on the I phone. Granted a very useful tool but continuous connection makes me wonder if they ever see, hear or feel  much about life.

I am quite aware that they find me difficult to understand. They always look at me as though I am from Venus! When I mention anything about keeping a daily journal  to them it's a waste of time and the painting we do is considered a bit on the queer side of life!

Have Fun! painting by Norman Rockwell
The idea of art or writing by hand is foreign to them. "U R" texting to keep in touch , spelling is taboo short form is THE way to go. I am accused of sending a message they consider a composition, If I text them at all.the short form words is quite an art in itself.

So kids that is my rant for the day keep the I pads/pods etc going but look out from that and SEE life around you too, feel your fingers on a pen or brush, it might surprise you. Use your imagination you have a lot on the right side of your brain not being used! GO FOR IT it's good for you!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Helping Animal Rescue

I hope you like our new blog, we enjoy working on it. It feels we have brought all we do together as our individual paintings go on our blog and we are hoping to get some interesting comments along the way.

My passion is for painting dogs.or any animals that need help, so many dogs are looking for homes and here are two I recently painted, one got lucky.

Mickey a little Yorkie. has found a loving home and looks happy, he was adopted from

Frenchie looks so worried, a Bullie who has to find a home outside of Ontario.
He is with

How can you resist these little beings who just need a loving home?

I donate a percentage of my painting sales to Animal Rescue.

Saw this on Pinterest

Monday, October 1, 2012

Falling for Autumn

"Muskoka" by John  2007
I think artists have always found Fall to be very inspirational, and we are just the same!There is so much contrasting colours in the leaves, whether they are on the tree or scattered on the ground. Then get these glorious colours by the side of a lake and you are seeing heaven.
Here are paintings we have done over the years:
"The Strret where we live" by John 2011
"Schomberg Mill" by Babs 2007
This field is now full of houses!
"Main Street Schomberg" by John 2012
"Vermont" by John 2007
"Northern River" by John 1974