Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Flour Child"

"Flour Child" oil on 11x14 board

A floury bake day!     

This photo is on display in Sheena's Kitchen, a cafe in Schomberg. Sometime ago Sheena went to Scotland her country of Origin to meet her relatives. I don't know the whole story,but, the photo is to me a classic of a little girl trying hard to copy Mum.

I don't think many mothers today would let her kitchen be taken over by her little one. The abundance of flour and her look of concentration on her face you can tell she's another world of play and taking it seriously. The wooden spoon is almost as big as she is!

At first painting the picture was more than a little crazy I had so many strong colours to compete with. I was concerned painting wet on wet as the picture started to come through I felt more confident and I hope captured her moment of joy.

I think She has a lot of Sheena's knowledge and will become a great pastry and cake maker to carry on a tradition as Sheena says "you have to be consistent, baking is something special'!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"To the Square Dance"

"To the Square Dance" oil on 16x20 canvas
This was (and is) quite a challenge: leaves on the trees, leaves on the ground, three horses. three people, three faces, and Fall colours!

Took a while and most of the time I enjoyed it!

The original photo was taken at Winsong farm last fall, Bill and Winnie and the other rider are entering the arena for the Grande Finale of the Annual Autumn show, a wonderful afternoon.

The Farm can be seen here:


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Zeloso at Winsong Farm

 Zeloso  is close a relative to Zelador
This is a study of Zeloso 8x10 oil on board. He had been having his daily training in the Arena with Bill. He looks slightly startled due to me standing to the side near him, I quite liked his look although surprised to see me he looked amazing with big eyes and his ears up made me laugh a little.

I find white horses take on reflections all around them with the windows in the background slightly purple it was reflected on to him quite clearly, he was standing in the Arena and looking out so his face picked up the yellow tinge which made him quite colourful.

 He is a bit younger than Zelador and full of energy.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grackle Coffee. and Roots

The owner of the local Coffee shop  had  2  poodle standard type dogs one all white, they found in a ditch some years ago and took him home they named him Frank  the other dog also a rescue was all black both had lots of hair named Roots, they became close friends, there is a little white terrier too in the mix and a cat that lived for 22 years!
Amanda has a high regard for animals,she owns 2 horses one of which has been retired for many years and the other she rides taking the dogs to the Stables so they can run and enjoy the country air.sadly just a couple of weeks ago Frank became ill  and past. I thought I would update Roots little painting as a surprise. .
There is nothing sadder when a pet dies and hopefully Roots will have many happy dreams of his mate Frank jumping over fallen logs and scampering in the fields. see the movie here:

Roots picture is of him relaxing he is the most sweet &friendly dog and loves a good pet patrons at the cafe like to give him some attention when he's around. 
Painting Roots was fun I could see many colours in his fur from reflections. He seems to be winking in his picture not able to see his eye due to so much hair! 
He has now had his spring/ Summer Salon Cut recently and probably looks very different maybe pop in and see him sometime. I borrowed his picture from Facebook .

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Art in the Changing Hour

Experiment On A Sunny Sunday.
As we seem to be in a bit of a dream, we decided to use knives, not cooking, but pallet knives and chose Lilac thinking of Spring.
Duelling easels 8x8 oil on board and plenty of it! can you tell who's is whose??
It was fun just trying to make it look like it's easy and flowing trying hard  to make  the picture look like flowers but sort of abstract affect..

But that is not all the experimenting, for later we are roasting a piece of Beef in the Turbo oven.

For sure we will be so worn out we will not feel the effect of the hour change!

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Lady in White"

"Kria" oil on 11x14 boaed
Lady in white.

This young lady is in training getting ready for Spring and the warm weather, after this winter I think even Iceland ponies are looking forward to some warmth from the sun.

Her name is Kria and she has the most magnificent white mane, it's amazing how many colours there are in these horses at Onice Farm. I think it was her mane that attracted us to photo. she seemed to stand out in the crowd.

Unfortunately we missed out on a clinic run by Sydney the daughter and trainer she introduced some of the ponies for riding it was a first time for each rider to ride an iceland pony and get to know each other. I think it must have been busy for Sydney and a lot of fun   needing plenty of energy!

Here's to a Great Season guys.